New mugs printed for Sapphire Coast Learning Centre

sclcWe recently completed a logo design for the Bournda Environmental Education Centre and as a continuation of their project, they asked for a mug design with their new logo.

We were happy to design a concept that featured their new logo along with a design for the Sapphire Coast Learning Centre where their famous “Ollie” mascot makes an appearance. The bright colours and simple design sit nicely on the white ceramic mugs and the printing will last for years to come.

If you have need for design – whether you need logo, print, web or promotional materials designed – why not give Excell a call at 02-6495-7320. We handle design and printing for all kinds of traditional print and promotional products.

Brochure design for the Wirrawang Historic Home

accommodation-brochure-designAfter successfully creating a unique logo design for our client Joanne, she wanted an equally designed brochure to capture the heritage and history of her beautiful property.

To start, we provided Joanne with a professional photography session. Over 200 high resolution images were supplied and provided a foundation for the brochure design. With a focus on the history of the property, we developed a cover design that conveys a classic feel. The photography was used heavily on the interior of the brochure so that viewers can get a sense of the house and property. The final design was printed on a medium weight recycled stock that further aided the heritage feel that our client wanted.

Because we provide design and printing all under one roof, we can offer a unique approach to your design projects. Not only do our designs look good – they function equally as well. If you have need for brochure printing and are in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or anywhere in between, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320.

Poster design for Plastic Free Mallacoota

31047---PFM---Poster-v2We had the privilege of working with the Friends of Mallacoota committee on the design of an advertising campaign aimed at reducing plastic bag usage in and around the Mallacoota area. We started the design by focusing on a simple, yet powerful tagline that would communicate the extent of the problem facing all of Australia.

The plastic bag usage globally is staggering, but here in Australia where we have a far less densely populated country, we use approximately 4 billion plastic bags annually. The problem facing our country (and the rest of the globe) is that these plastic bags do not break down and thus find their way onto our beaches, pastures and waterways. This in turn causes the growing problem of non-decomposing garbage sitting there, collecting and poisoning our wildlife and eventually us. How do we get poisoned? The bags that find their ways into the ocean, get eaten by fish – when we in turn eat the fish, we ingest the chemicals their bodies have accumulated.

Like many communities across Australia, Mallacoota began working on a campaign to reduce their plastic bag usage. Local volunteers hand-sewed re-usable cloth bags that were freely distributed to locals. Visitors to the beautiful Mallacoota were also provided these bags so they could be used and returned to the local shops to be used again by other visitors. This thoughtful approach has been very well executed and thus required an equally thoughtful campaign to suit.

We developed several concepts and presented these to the committee. The concepts varied in visual style and ‘depth’ in terms of their message. Ultimately, the winning design comprised of an image of Australia full of plastic bags. The large bold headline at the top makes a bold (but truthful) statement. The associated copy, concisely tells people what the issue is and how the residents of Mallacoota are working to reduce the problem. The campaign was well received and the Friends of Mallacoota committee were happy to see their hard work promoted throughout the area.

If you are looking for professional design and printing services, contact us at 02-6495-7320 and we can develop a purposeful, strategic campaign for your business.

Gift voucher design for uPilot

Gift voucher designWhen it comes to design, there is a lot more involved than simply picking, colours and fonts. Thoughtful design encompasses approaching the project from the view of the client and the end-user.

When our client Upilot approached us to get a gift voucher designed, we seized the opportunity to introduce some fun and creativity into the design. Gift vouchers by their very nature should offer users a substantial value on their own. These printed vouchers can sometimes represent a value of $100 or more – so the very quality of design and printing needs to reflect that value.

We started the design by imitating a modern airline ticket. Certain values used on the ticket represent real data (the flight, gate and seat numbers are the actual phone number of the company). The design is clean and informs the holder of what they can look forward to. Many people like to have something they can remember their experience with, so we designed this voucher so that it could also be framed as a memento. The client was very happy with the design and we were all too happy to develop a thoughtful, purposeful piece.

If you have design and print needs, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320 and we can happily help you develop a product you can be proud of.

New brochure design for the Seahorse Inn

seehorse-inn-brochure-designThe Seahorse Inn in Eden, NSW has a rich history and offers luxurious accommodation and amenities. They recently approached Excell to design and print an updated brochure. We began the project by identifying the key elements that needed to be communicated with the new design. The new design needed to convey a sense of refinement that was fitting for an establishment like the Seahorse Inn. One crucial element that we identified right away, was that no logo had been developed for the Inn. We worked to create a simple, yet elegant logo that the brochure design could get inspiration from.

For the cover of the brochure, we used a rich navy blue colour that contrasted nicely with the gold-toned logo. We intentionally kept the cover of the brochure understated – this creates an invitation to the viewer to explore the brochure further. Simplicity – when done correctly – communicates confidence in what you’re offering. Once opened, the viewer is treated to beautiful images of the property, rooms, restaurants and lounges available. Font selection and layouts were carefully designed to complement the content of the brochure. The design was very well received and we were very happy with the final result.

2016 Seahorse Inn BrochureWe appreciate the importance that good design plays in the success of your marketing. While working closely with our clients, the focus is to provide you with well executed design and print products – something that printing companies traditionally aren’t known for. Our designers have more than 20 years of individual experience in the design and printing industries making them a valuable asset to your project. If you have need for design and print services, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320.

Web design: What it is, what it’s not, and what’s involved

We get a lot of enquiries for our web design and development services. While website design has been around for nearly two decades, many businesses find it difficult to find their footing when it comes to their online presence.

The vast majority of issues come down to purpose. What is the purpose of your website? For most businesses, a website is used as an online brochure that is available globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For some businesses thats completely fine, but for a lot of companies, their website can do a whole lot more.

When we take on a client in need of website design and development services, we explore the different needs of their business first. Are they established in the community? Are they looking to expand their reach beyond their immediate area? What message does their site need to communicate? What is the makeup of their existing user base? These are a small sample of the questions we try and answer in our first meeting. What we’re finding is that the vast majority of companies looking to rejuvenate their existing website are suddenly open to a whole new world of potential. Instead of looking to create an online brochure, they have the ability to communicate more effectively with their ideal audience, automate services and have their website work for them.

Not all web designers are equal

There are many web “designers” out there who charge for free or inexpensive themes from services like WordPress Themes, Wix Templates or Weebly Themes. While there is nothing wrong with using off-the-shelf themes, it’s not ethical to do so without the client’s knowledge especially if one is selling web design. There is a big difference between custom web design and free theme-based services. We try and educate our clients as to the pro’s and con’s of each so they can at least make an educated decision as to the direction they want to go.

Every design project we take on is a custom project. With web design, this means we design the site to your specific needs. This also means that we code your site by hand. While the vast majority of sites we develop are based on a WordPress framework, we still hand-code your custom design as your very own WordPress theme. The advantages to this are the fact that we can custom develop unique features. Do you want to randomise graphics or content? No problem. Would you like your design or content to change according to the time of day, season or month? No worries. We understand HTML, PHP and CSS and hand code features and effects so that they run smoothly and efficiently.

Plugin and turn on

One of the advantages to website frameworks like WordPress and Joomla is their support for plugins. You can think of plugins as small web applications that run specific functions for your site. A classic example of this are the common “Contact Form” plugins that add an email form to your site. Ten years ago if you wanted to have that function, you typically needed to utilise a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script. Your web developer needed to hand-code your form, connect your form to a specific CGI script, then setup the script to work with a mail gateway to process the emails being packaged within the web form. This potentially opened up your website to nefarious users who would search for “open” CGI scripts and exploit them for sending SPAM. As a result, many web hosting companies limited the use of CGI scripts.

Fast forward to 2015 and adding a contact form to your website is as easy as clicking “Install Now” and entering a few lines of code. The plugin architecture of WordPress and Joomla mean that when it comes to developing your website, common functionality no longer needs to be hand-coded. We can complete a website setup and installation in as little as a few hours depending on the site. We focus our hand-coding skills on the features that are most important to you and that is what we deliver at Excell.

Custom design not within reach?

Thanks to WordPress and other CMS (Content Management System) style platforms, the development costs for websites has fallen drastically. Despite this, not all clients can afford custom design. In that scenario, we recommend individuals utilise free or near-free website builders such as Wix, Weebly and Square Space. Their simple to use interface and easy setup make it a perfect fit for individuals seeking a free or inexpensive website. All that is required is the filling out of a couple of forms and inputting some copy and images. Within minutes, you have a website.

The flip-side to free

These free site builders lose their advantage once you require a specific functionality that is not included in their system or you need your company to stand out in a competitive environment. The main disadvantage to using off-the-shelf themes is that you are not the only one using that theme. Chances are, if the theme looks good, then a lot of people are probably using it. Free site builders also involve some kind of advertisement for the service which means your company site becomes a mascot for that service – not ideal in some cases.

At Excell, we pride ourselves in the level of service we provide our clients. Whether the budget is large or small, we help all customers find the right fit. When it comes to web design and development we take special care to educate our clients so they understand what they need, what we are giving them and how they can reach their goals.

Website Design for Mallacoota Images

Website design for photographer Martin Ascher was looking for a way to promote his photography, he came to Excell. From the very beginning we helped brainstorm ideas that would help him protect his work while making it possible to get beautiful large format prints of his work.

Starting with his amazing photography of the Mallacoota countryside, we made the primary goal to make Martin’s images the focal point. Using large samples for background images on the homepage, viewers are able to get a taste for the quality and colour of each of Martin’s photos. We created a custom design and hand coded a custom theme for the site. As a collaborative move, Excell arranged to offer gallery quality prints of all of Martin’s work available on the site. We setup a shopping cart system that facilitates the purchase and inventory of each image. Visitors of the site are given a range of print options including various sizes and two high quality paper options – SIHL Masterclass satin stock or GICLEE canvas.

We are continuing work with Martin to help promote his site and have a plan in motion to achieve these goals. This project highlights the value that Excell offers to clients of all kinds. Not only do we offer excellent custom designs for print and web, but our printing facilities compliment our design and web services beautifully. We have expert staff that handle the careful printing of all large format projects – ensuring the clarity and colour accuracy of each print meet our high standards. Our designers can create complimentary designs that work extremely well with artists of all kinds. Our web developers hand code custom web designs ensuring a unique final product that works very well with end users on any platform or device.

If you have a web design or large format project coming up, contact Excell today and get the benefits that partnering with a diverse company like us can bring.

Custom Logo Design for El Cubano Coffee

Cubano Coffee LOGO - FINALOne of our clients recently was looking for a unique logo design for a new coffee brand he is launching soon and so he came to Excell. Wanting to capture the essence of Cuba we were given a few parameters to meet by the client, but were given free reign overall. Initial designs put together by our design team were so close to the mark from the very beginning that the client had few changes before a final approval was given.

The design incorporates a few elements of Cuban culture, while keeping simple and legible. The end result for this particular logo was to be a rubber stamp so our design team kept the text bold so as to be legible when applied to various end-use products. The result was very well received by the client and he is excited to see his new logo in circulation.

If you have need for graphic design – including logo design – why not give Excell a call? We have experienced, professional designers who can guide you through the process. Not only do we create fresh and unique designs, but we’ll help you in the planning stages so you can trust that your designs will look good on all their intended applications.

At Excell, we’re more than award winning printing – we’re a marketing team you can trust.

New website design for Merimbula Mowing

merimbula-mowing-websiteWe recently completed a website design for our client Merimbula Mowing and Maintenance Services. Owner Andy Gibbs was looking for a website to put his new lawn and garden maintenance service on the map. We provided Andy with a custom design – incorporating our location photography service and coded his new design as his very own WordPress theme.

Tying in his web design style to print designs we created for him recently helps create a solid image especially for a new business. We worked very hard to incorporate a solid SEO strategy as well which has already started to show results for Andy.

Going beyond a basic web design though, we evaluated Andy’s needs for his site and came up with a creative solution to a common problem faced by many maintenance providers. Every garden and maintenance service provider who is online requires an in-person assessment before a price is given and we felt that this creates a potential roadblock for acquiring new customers. Our solution was to create an online quoting system for Andy that can compile – in real time – an estimate for people so they can know what it will cost to have a service done. This system not only helps give people the freedom to know what it will cost to hire Merimbula Mowing any time of day, but it also helps free Andy up so he can spend time doing what he does best.

The online quoting system calculates a multitude of variables that can affect the cost and even helps people see how they can save money by eliminating some of the obstacles that can cause a maintenance service to cost more. Once filled out, if a user would like to schedule a service, the system will automatically notify Andy so he can schedule new customers on the fly. All of this was automated using a creative use of off-the-shelf products so the cost to Andy was minimal.

If you are interested in the suite of web and design related services offered by Excell, feel free to contact us. Not only do we custom design every site to our clients needs, but we also hand code the site by our web staff here in Pambula – meaning we don’t simply re-sell free or inexpensive pre-designed website themes. In addition to our web and design services, we also offer location photography to provide real images of our clients and their business giving that extra touch of sincerity to all of our sites.

We pride ourselves on our work and make every effort to go beyond the obvious and create unique sites that stand out and are useful to our clients and their customers. If you have need for web design services, contact us today and see how much Excell can help you.

2016 Calendar Printed for the Mallacoota Camera Club

Geoff Wilson, Michael Groom and Martin Ascher of the Mallacoota Camera Club proudly receiving their calendar orderWe are thrilled to have completed the design and printing for the annual Mallacoota Camera Club calendar. Using all original images from members of the Mallacoota Camera Club, this beautiful 300mmx300mm calendar features stunning photography taken of the Mallacoota countryside. Great care was taken in the design and composition of the calendar ensuring the layout would be useful for users while keeping the focus on the gorgeous photography.

The choice of each months image was creatively decided by the supporters of the 2016 calendar. The camera club put to vote 24 image choices for each of the 12 supporting businesses to choose from. Each business chose the image they loved the most as the feature image for their month and the result was fantastic. The Mallacoota Camera Club was so pleased with the results that they are already beginning work on their 2017 calendar.

Excell Printing handles a wide variety of design and print projects and we care about the quality of every one. Whether your project is large or small, contact us today and we can help give your project the quality it deserves.