Gift voucher design for uPilot

Gift voucher designWhen it comes to design, there is a lot more involved than simply picking, colours and fonts. Thoughtful design encompasses approaching the project from the view of the client and the end-user.

When our client Upilot approached us to get a gift voucher designed, we seized the opportunity to introduce some fun and creativity into the design. Gift vouchers by their very nature should offer users a substantial value on their own. These printed vouchers can sometimes represent a value of $100 or more – so the very quality of design and printing needs to reflect that value.

We started the design by imitating a modern airline ticket. Certain values used on the ticket represent real data (the flight, gate and seat numbers are the actual phone number of the company). The design is clean and informs the holder of what they can look forward to. Many people like to have something they can remember their experience with, so we designed this voucher so that it could also be framed as a memento. The client was very happy with the design and we were all too happy to develop a thoughtful, purposeful piece.

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