Logo design for the 2017 Pambula Show

The 2017 Pambula ShowWhen we were approached by a member of the Pambula Show committee, we were thrilled to work with them on their 2017 Pambula Show logo. The show had not had a great deal of attention given to it’s previous designs and so we took the opportunity to thoughtfully and thoroughly develop a design that will work for them for many years to come. We began the project in late 2015 and worked closely with the lead member heading up the new design project.

We began the project with a list of design elements they wanted to convey:

  • “A good wholesome day in the country”
  • A focus on family
  • Incorporating some of the show events – animals, food, prizes, rides etc.
  • Create a sense of excitement
  • Incorporate elements of the coast

Starting with that list we began to isolate elements we could ‘group’ into the design. As with all logos, the rule is simple is better. A design that is clean and simple is easier to remember. Because there are so many show events, we decided to use a simple show tent as a way of communicating them without having to create graphic representations of each. The stars help communicate the prizes and awards given at the show and the waving flags to the right convey a breezy coastal feel. Beneath the show banner, we used a shield design and placed a silhouette of a family and young teens. Set against a sunset backdrop the feel is that of an exciting day with the family.

Ultimately the design was very well received and the show committee is excited to be launching their promotional campaign for 2017’s upcoming show.

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