Logo design for Bega to Tathra Safe Ride

B2T Safe Ride LogoWe recently had the privilege of developing a logo for a local group who has been working to develop a safe bike path for cyclists to ride between Bega and Tathra. When our client approached us about this project we were thrilled to be a part of it.

We worked closely with the program coordinator who provided us several key insights into their needs. Ultimately, they wanted a logo design to be clean and simple yet communicate a big picture. The logo needed to have flexibility to adapt to the possibility of additional programs (such as new bike paths between different locations). The logo needed to be bright and something marketable since they would be selling t-shirts as a way to build awareness of the program.

With these aspects in mind, we developed a logo that encapsulated these needs. Using two circles to represent the two locations for the pathway, we incorporated mountain elements to represent Bega and water elements to represent Tathra. These two circles also double as tyres. Between these two tyres is a large number “2” where the bottom part of the two bridges the two tyres. With a quick glance, the overall design appears to be a representation of a bicycle, but the design is communicating every element the client needed. The ‘dust cloud’ effect between the two tyres is really a silhouette of the Bega mountain range which is a more subtle way to communicate the ‘bridging’ aspect of the project.

The design works well as a t-shirt, it can be easily modified in the future to represent any additional bike path program and more importantly, the clients loved it.

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