Logo design for Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Logo design for Bournda Environmental Education CentreA logo design is possibly the single most important aspect of a company or organisation. Your logo communicates your business or mission to the rest of the world. How and what that communicates to your viewers relies on the experience and expertise of your designer or agency.

We recently had the pleasure to work with Doug at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre who was looking to update their ageing logo design. Working closely with the centre we isolated several key elements about what they do, who their audience is and what it is they need to communicate through their logo.

Because the centre educates children about the natural processes occurring in the local environment, we started the design with an infinity symbol. The symbol helps to communicate the symbiosis and constantly evolving nature of the environment as well as the natural ways the environment ‘recycles’ life. From water, to soil to vegetation to animal life, this single motif communicates that process using a minimum of design elements. We worked to isolate the right elements and the best ways to implement them. The design looks as though its moving through the careful use of positions, angles and spacing between the various pieces. When viewed as a single colour design, nothing goes missing – it simply works. The design we came up with was very well received and the centre is looking forward to applying the new design in future designs and promotional pieces.

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