Logo design for Teen Clinic by Bega Valley Medical Practice

Teen ClinicWhen Bega Valley Medical Practice approached us about developing a logo design for a new program, we were proud to be considered.

The BVMP has developed a program to help teens of all backgrounds by providing them with a venue to discuss topics of concern to them with medical staff. The logo we designed was developed to appeal to teens. Using a clean custom designed font style for the word “Clinic” and a casual style for the word “teen” we wanted to convey a sense of individuality with the word “teen” combined with the strength and safety of a clinic. Because the program is about providing teens with an open forum, we incorporated a chat bubble. This icon would be something that is easily recognisable with the teen audience.

The client was very happy with the result and we are proud to have been part of a program dedicated to improving the lives of our younger generation.

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