Poster design for Plastic Free Mallacoota

31047---PFM---Poster-v2We had the privilege of working with the Friends of Mallacoota committee on the design of an advertising campaign aimed at reducing plastic bag usage in and around the Mallacoota area. We started the design by focusing on a simple, yet powerful tagline that would communicate the extent of the problem facing all of Australia.

The plastic bag usage globally is staggering, but here in Australia where we have a far less densely populated country, we use approximately 4 billion plastic bags annually. The problem facing our country (and the rest of the globe) is that these plastic bags do not break down and thus find their way onto our beaches, pastures and waterways. This in turn causes the growing problem of non-decomposing garbage sitting there, collecting and poisoning our wildlife and eventually us. How do we get poisoned? The bags that find their ways into the ocean, get eaten by fish – when we in turn eat the fish, we ingest the chemicals their bodies have accumulated.

Like many communities across Australia, Mallacoota began working on a campaign to reduce their plastic bag usage. Local volunteers hand-sewed re-usable cloth bags that were freely distributed to locals. Visitors to the beautiful Mallacoota were also provided these bags so they could be used and returned to the local shops to be used again by other visitors. This thoughtful approach has been very well executed and thus required an equally thoughtful campaign to suit.

We developed several concepts and presented these to the committee. The concepts varied in visual style and ‘depth’ in terms of their message. Ultimately, the winning design comprised of an image of Australia full of plastic bags. The large bold headline at the top makes a bold (but truthful) statement. The associated copy, concisely tells people what the issue is and how the residents of Mallacoota are working to reduce the problem. The campaign was well received and the Friends of Mallacoota committee were happy to see their hard work promoted throughout the area.

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