Website design and development for Tween Waters in Merimbula

Tween Waters in MerimbulaTween Waters in Merimbula was needing an updated website and so they came to Excell in Pambula. Working closely with our client, we developed a plan to update their design and incorporate some additional functionality that will make their website a useful tool.

Their previous design was getting dated, and so we created a bright, fresh design to appeal to families looking for a fun, water-themed getaway. Using large, bold buttons we developed a simple way for their viewers to be channelled to exactly what they want to see. Approaching the new site from a practical maintenance point of view, we developed some scripts to automate a lot of the updating for them. Because they offer specials throughout the year, we created a custom wordpress theme that automatically updates their monthly deals button so they never have to change anything on the homepage. This button uses a special script to direct end-users to the correct page each month so they can see what deals are available to them. Doing this, reduced a great deal of headache for the staff as they did not need to continually modify content on their site. All they need to update are the actual specifics of each deal and thats it.

To help them offer their visitors a handy events page, we tied our Gem Attractions website into their “What’s On” and “Local Attractions” pages. Our Gem Attractions website is kept up to date each day with the current activities and local businesses. Since this was a burden for them to keep up, we incorporated a WordPress plugin that funnels the data we provide into the Tween Waters website seamlessly. This way, each and every update we make to Gem Attractions is reflected on Tween Waters automatically.

When you come to Excell for website design and development we don’t just create a website for you, we create a website that will work for you. We do this by examining ways to make the user experience better for your website. This creates a site that visitors want to come back to and ultimately a site that helps make you money.

If you have need for website design why not give Excell a call? We have an experienced, professional web developer who can guide you through the process. Not only do we create fresh and unique designs, but we’ll help you in the planning stages so you can trust that your site will look and function great for years to come.