Website Design for Mallacoota Images

Website design for photographer Martin Ascher was looking for a way to promote his photography, he came to Excell. From the very beginning we helped brainstorm ideas that would help him protect his work while making it possible to get beautiful large format prints of his work.

Starting with his amazing photography of the Mallacoota countryside, we made the primary goal to make Martin’s images the focal point. Using large samples for background images on the homepage, viewers are able to get a taste for the quality and colour of each of Martin’s photos. We created a custom design and hand coded a custom theme for the site. As a collaborative move, Excell arranged to offer gallery quality prints of all of Martin’s work available on the site. We setup a shopping cart system that facilitates the purchase and inventory of each image. Visitors of the site are given a range of print options including various sizes and two high quality paper options – SIHL Masterclass satin stock or GICLEE canvas.

We are continuing work with Martin to help promote his site and have a plan in motion to achieve these goals. This project highlights the value that Excell offers to clients of all kinds. Not only do we offer excellent custom designs for print and web, but our printing facilities compliment our design and web services beautifully. We have expert staff that handle the careful printing of all large format projects – ensuring the clarity and colour accuracy of each print meet our high standards. Our designers can create complimentary designs that work extremely well with artists of all kinds. Our web developers hand code custom web designs ensuring a unique final product that works very well with end users on any platform or device.

If you have a web design or large format project coming up, contact Excell today and get the benefits that partnering with a diverse company like us can bring.