Logo design for the 2017 Pambula Show

The 2017 Pambula ShowWhen we were approached by a member of the Pambula Show committee, we were thrilled to work with them on their 2017 Pambula Show logo. The show had not had a great deal of attention given to it’s previous designs and so we took the opportunity to thoughtfully and thoroughly develop a design that will work for them for many years to come. We began the project in late 2015 and worked closely with the lead member heading up the new design project.

We began the project with a list of design elements they wanted to convey:

  • “A good wholesome day in the country”
  • A focus on family
  • Incorporating some of the show events – animals, food, prizes, rides etc.
  • Create a sense of excitement
  • Incorporate elements of the coast

Starting with that list we began to isolate elements we could ‘group’ into the design. As with all logos, the rule is simple is better. A design that is clean and simple is easier to remember. Because there are so many show events, we decided to use a simple show tent as a way of communicating them without having to create graphic representations of each. The stars help communicate the prizes and awards given at the show and the waving flags to the right convey a breezy coastal feel. Beneath the show banner, we used a shield design and placed a silhouette of a family and young teens. Set against a sunset backdrop the feel is that of an exciting day with the family.

Ultimately the design was very well received and the show committee is excited to be launching their promotional campaign for 2017’s upcoming show.

While Excell is very much a printing company, we pride ourselves on the expertise we offer all of our clients in many avenues outside of printing, from graphic and logo design to website design and development. We thoughtfully approach each design and we take care to ensure that our clients goals are met. This creates and end-product that will last for years to come.

If you have need for graphic design – including logo design – why not give Excell a call? We have experienced, professional designers who can guide you through the process. Not only do we create fresh and unique designs, but we’ll help you in the planning stages so you can trust that your designs will look good on all their intended applications.

New mugs printed for Sapphire Coast Learning Centre

sclcWe recently completed a logo design for the Bournda Environmental Education Centre and as a continuation of their project, they asked for a mug design with their new logo.

We were happy to design a concept that featured their new logo along with a design for the Sapphire Coast Learning Centre where their famous “Ollie” mascot makes an appearance. The bright colours and simple design sit nicely on the white ceramic mugs and the printing will last for years to come.

If you have need for design – whether you need logo, print, web or promotional materials designed – why not give Excell a call at 02-6495-7320. We handle design and printing for all kinds of traditional print and promotional products.


Brochure design for the Wirrawang Historic Home

accommodation-brochure-designAfter successfully creating a unique logo design for our client Joanne, she wanted an equally designed brochure to capture the heritage and history of her beautiful property.

To start, we provided Joanne with a professional photography session. Over 200 high resolution images were supplied and provided a foundation for the brochure design. With a focus on the history of the property, we developed a cover design that conveys a classic feel. The photography was used heavily on the interior of the brochure so that viewers can get a sense of the house and property. The final design was printed on a medium weight recycled stock that further aided the heritage feel that our client wanted.

Because we provide design and printing all under one roof, we can offer a unique approach to your design projects. Not only do our designs look good – they function equally as well. If you have need for brochure printing and are in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or anywhere in between, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320.


Poster design for Plastic Free Mallacoota

31047---PFM---Poster-v2We had the privilege of working with the Friends of Mallacoota committee on the design of an advertising campaign aimed at reducing plastic bag usage in and around the Mallacoota area. We started the design by focusing on a simple, yet powerful tagline that would communicate the extent of the problem facing all of Australia.

The plastic bag usage globally is staggering, but here in Australia where we have a far less densely populated country, we use approximately 4 billion plastic bags annually. The problem facing our country (and the rest of the globe) is that these plastic bags do not break down and thus find their way onto our beaches, pastures and waterways. This in turn causes the growing problem of non-decomposing garbage sitting there, collecting and poisoning our wildlife and eventually us. How do we get poisoned? The bags that find their ways into the ocean, get eaten by fish – when we in turn eat the fish, we ingest the chemicals their bodies have accumulated.

Like many communities across Australia, Mallacoota began working on a campaign to reduce their plastic bag usage. Local volunteers hand-sewed re-usable cloth bags that were freely distributed to locals. Visitors to the beautiful Mallacoota were also provided these bags so they could be used and returned to the local shops to be used again by other visitors. This thoughtful approach has been very well executed and thus required an equally thoughtful campaign to suit.

We developed several concepts and presented these to the committee. The concepts varied in visual style and ‘depth’ in terms of their message. Ultimately, the winning design comprised of an image of Australia full of plastic bags. The large bold headline at the top makes a bold (but truthful) statement. The associated copy, concisely tells people what the issue is and how the residents of Mallacoota are working to reduce the problem. The campaign was well received and the Friends of Mallacoota committee were happy to see their hard work promoted throughout the area.

If you are looking for professional design and printing services, contact us at 02-6495-7320 and we can develop a purposeful, strategic campaign for your business.


Gift voucher design for uPilot

Gift voucher designWhen it comes to design, there is a lot more involved than simply picking, colours and fonts. Thoughtful design encompasses approaching the project from the view of the client and the end-user. 

When our client Upilot approached us to get a gift voucher designed, we seized the opportunity to introduce some fun and creativity into the design. Gift vouchers by their very nature should offer users a substantial value on their own. These printed vouchers can sometimes represent a value of $100 or more – so the very quality of design and printing needs to reflect that value.

We started the design by imitating a modern airline ticket. Certain values used on the ticket represent real data (the flight, gate and seat numbers are the actual phone number of the company). The design is clean and informs the holder of what they can look forward to. Many people like to have something they can remember their experience with, so we designed this voucher so that it could also be framed as a memento. The client was very happy with the design and we were all too happy to develop a thoughtful, purposeful piece.

If you have design and print needs, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320 and we can happily help you develop a product you can be proud of.


New brochure design for the Seahorse Inn

seehorse-inn-brochure-designThe Seahorse Inn in Eden, NSW has a rich history and offers luxurious accommodation and amenities. They recently approached Excell to design and print an updated brochure. We began the project by identifying the key elements that needed to be communicated with the new design. The new design needed to convey a sense of refinement that was fitting for an establishment like the Seahorse Inn. One crucial element that we identified right away, was that no logo had been developed for the Inn. We worked to create a simple, yet elegant logo that the brochure design could get inspiration from.

For the cover of the brochure, we used a rich navy blue colour that contrasted nicely with the gold-toned logo. We intentionally kept the cover of the brochure understated – this creates an invitation to the viewer to explore the brochure further. Simplicity – when done correctly – communicates confidence in what you’re offering. Once opened, the viewer is treated to beautiful images of the property, rooms, restaurants and lounges available. Font selection and layouts were carefully designed to complement the content of the brochure. The design was very well received and we were very happy with the final result.

2016 Seahorse Inn BrochureWe appreciate the importance that good design plays in the success of your marketing. While working closely with our clients, the focus is to provide you with well executed design and print products – something that printing companies traditionally aren’t known for. Our designers have more than 20 years of individual experience in the design and printing industries making them a valuable asset to your project. If you have need for design and print services, give us a call today at 02-6495-7320.




New website design for the Eden Killer Whale Museum

EKWMThe Eden Killer Whale Museum was looking to update their website recently and chose Excell for the design and website development. Working closely with Bob at the museum, we created a list of needs the new site would have. Given the extensive pages that had been developed over many years of operating the previous site, there was a substantial amount of information that needed updating. The previous site was HTML based and therefor difficult to easily update for the museum staff.

We moved the new site over to a WordPress based system which enables non-tech-savvy users to add, edit and update information on their site quickly and easily without having to know a single line of code. In addition to the website platform, we created a custom WordPress theme specifically for the museum. This enables the look and feel of the site to remain consistent while the supporting staff members can focus on adding new content over time. Because the museum manages an extensive library and research facility we made it easier for viewers and the museum staff to support the requests that come in for research material.

Over the years, the Killer Whale Museum has made many improvements and updates to their facility and exhibits. We supplied location photography for the museum that was used on the website as well as several print projects we supplied for them. The new photography fit well with the new and updated design. Information and navigation was also greatly enhanced so the most important info has a prominent and static place on the site and the numerous site pages are easy to navigate. In addition to this, we coded a responsive mode for their theme that accommodates screen sizes of all kinds. The code was extremely streamlined to help reduce the bandwidth requirements of mobile devices.

Overall, the Eden Killer Whale Museum was very happy with the end result. We were happy to help them launch their new site and it’s already getting quite the traction!

If you have web, design or print needs, give Excell a call today at 02-6495-7320. We can help provide a cohesive and attractive marketing plan that includes web and print media all from one source!


Logo design for Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Logo design for Bournda Environmental Education CentreA logo design is possibly the single most important aspect of a company or organisation. Your logo communicates your business or mission to the rest of the world. How and what that communicates to your viewers relies on the experience and expertise of your designer or agency.

We recently had the pleasure to work with Doug at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre who was looking to update their ageing logo design. Working closely with the centre we isolated several key elements about what they do, who their audience is and what it is they need to communicate through their logo.

Because the centre educates children about the natural processes occurring in the local environment, we started the design with an infinity symbol. The symbol helps to communicate the symbiosis and constantly evolving nature of the environment as well as the natural ways the environment ‘recycles’ life. From water, to soil to vegetation to animal life, this single motif communicates that process using a minimum of design elements. We worked to isolate the right elements and the best ways to implement them. The design looks as though its moving through the careful use of positions, angles and spacing between the various pieces. When viewed as a single colour design, nothing goes missing – it simply works. The design we came up with was very well received and the centre is looking forward to applying the new design in future designs and promotional pieces.

With over 20 years of practical design experience spanning multiple industries, we offer custom design services that incorporate the thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to detail that is normally unheard of from a traditional print company. If you are in the Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra regions or anywhere in between and have a design project coming up, give us a call at 02 6495 7320 and we will be happy to not just provide quality design services, but print and web based services as well.


Logo design for Pambula Merimbula Golf Club

The Pambula Merimbula Golf Club LogoThe Pambula Merimbula Golf Club recently contacted us regarding updating their logo. We were happy to work with General Manager Ryan Clarke and explore different styles to give their previously ageing logo some new life. 

One of the primary features of the Pambula Merimbula Golf Club is it’s unique wildlife that frequents the course daily. The Kangaroo’s were an essential element that needed to be incorporated into the logo. The second element that needed consideration was the colour scheme. The pallet used is based on an existing colour range that has been in use for a variety of club uses from their Glass House restaurant and uniforms to their promotional and existing print media. It was important that we work with these colours.

The use of the circular shape and a blend of traditional font styling with a more modern band across the bottom, moved the look away from a classical golf club to a more modern and progressive look that fits within the goals of the club and it’s members. The final result was one that was well received and we were very happy to have been able to work so closely and so effectively with the club.

If you have graphic design needs in the Far South Coast region from Batemans Bay to Mallacoota, make Excell your choice. We have decades of design expertise and communications know-how that enable us to provide clients with fantastic results. Contact us today at 02 6495 7320.


Self Publishing with Excell Printing

A happy client who recently published her third bookHave you ever wanted to see your words in print?

We have just delivered the third book for Batemans Bay author, and self publisher, Margaret Brice. We took care of scanning and editing her typewritten pages, the cover design, printing and binding.

The perks of self publishing your book:

  • You maintain creative control. From editing and proofreading to cover design and marketability, you’re the boss.
  • You control costs. You can call the shots with regard to the financial decisions involved in publishing your book.
  • Shorter publishing process. Compared with the traditional publishing process, which usually takes months, self publishers can often control the amount of time it takes for their book to see the light of day.

Find out how we can help you get your book into print today.
Article written by Lou Kennedy