Please remember to follow these specifications when creating your artwork:

  • Create 3mm of bleed and 3mm of margin for each sides
  • Save the file as PDF with 3 mm of bleeds and crop-marks
  • The background images must position over the 3mm of bleed
  • The text and other important detail must position within the margin.
  • Ensure all images are set to a maximum of 300dpi with 150dpi being the lowest acceptable resolution, CMYK colour only, with all fonts and images embedded or converted to outline.

This will help us to ensure the quality of the final product and complete them quickly. Please notice that if your files don't meet the above requirements, they will be rejected.

The images below are examples of how you MUST have your file set up before uploading.

Correct set up

Correct layout

  • Background image is positioned out and over the 3mm of bleed.
  • Text and logo are postioned within the 3mm of margin.

Incorrect set up

Incorrect layout

  • Background image isn't positioned out and over the 3mm of bleed.
  • Text and logo are positioned out side the 3mm of margin.

If you have any question or comments, please contact us at (02) 6280 9644 or write to us at

Important Note