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Total (Including GST) : $181.50

X frame and pull up banners - Pull Up banners, an affordable solution for every Australian company, are among the most popular products for portable branding and messaging, making them perfect for advertising at exhibitions or attracting walk-in traffic for sales or promotions. Our X frame and pull up banners are meticulously designed for longevity, featuring high-resolution printing on a smooth and durable banner material. The banner stand is accompanied by a convenient carry bag, making it ideal for exhibitions, showrooms, and sales representatives. The deluxe base is constructed for durability, allowing for the replacement of vinyl with a new image up to 3 times (subject to inspection). For cost-effective exhibition options, our economy base stands out as the perfect choice

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X-Banner 600 x 1600mm1$181.50
Economy Pull Up Banner 850 x 2000mm1$324.50
Deluxe Pull Up Banner 850 x 2000mm1$396.00
Deluxe Jumbo Pull Up Banner 1000 x 2200mm1$451.00

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